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Best Physiotherapy for Arthritis at MED Wellness

Physiotherapy has a varied levels of application. Among several, physiotherapy is largely applicable in arthritis. It has been proven that the best physiotherapy programs in Vaughan could be quite helpful for people living with arthritis. If you have arthritis, your doctor will likely recommend doing physiotherapy sessions in conjunction with your medicines.

Talking to a physiotherapist at MED Wellness might help you understand how arthritis will affect your muscles and joints, what to do to improve your daily life, what to avoid, changes in lifestyle and diet, a pain management program, etc. He will provide you with helpful physiotherapy recommendations.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a degenerative disorder that affects the body’s joints. Joint inflammation is a common symptom, and it can occur both acutely and chronically. Arthritis patients endure agonizing pain, stiffness, and distress. There are two main types of arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Physical therapy for arthritis focuses on increasing the range of motion and restoring joint function. Your physiotherapist will help you determine which of these treatments is best for you.

We recommend you visit one of our registered and highly-skilled physiotherapists at Med Wellness for the best physiotherapy in Vaughan.

Best physiotherapy interventions in Vaughan

Below, we explore the mechanisms of action and describe the best physiotherapy methods in Vaughan for arthritic discomfort.

Cold-hot packs for muscles and joints healing

Cold compresses are effective at reducing joint inflammation. You can buy ice and hot packs online and use them alternatively. It can help relieve pain by improving blood flow to the targeted area. Soaking a flannel cloth in warm water can have a comparable effect to applying heat. However, be careful while using hot therapy. Cold-hot therapy is one of the best physiotherapy methods in Vaughan.

Massage therapy for better improvement of the symptoms

Being the best physiotherapy option, massage therapy is often recommended by doctors. For those who are suffering with arthritis, it is usually a pretty relaxing method. There are some in-home massages which you can follow under the guidance of your therapist. However, a professional massage service at MED Wellness is also available.

Acupuncture therapy at MED Wellness

Acupuncture is another best physiotherapy in Vaughan. Acupuncture is an old technique to tackle pain and discomfort resulting from arthritis. It also has other health benefits. The endorphins that are released as a result of acupuncture are another reason why this particular therapy is so successful. Make sure the therapy centre offers an in-home service so that you could get assistance when necessary.

Physiotherapy for arthritis includes exercises

Specific exercises under the strict guidance of your physiotherapist at MED Wellness can help reduce arthritic pain. One of the best physiotherapy methods in Vaughan is graded exercise. In graded exercise, you start practicing exercises from low-intensity workouts and advance to higher levels over time. A regular exercise plan will improve your muscle strength and joint mobility.

TENS and Hydrotherapy to boost your situation

It is the best physiotherapy method in Vaughan for rheumatoid arthritis. TENS therapy, administered once weekly for about a month, has been shown to reduce pain for patients. Hydrotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis can be used to treat patients with both acute and chronic symptoms.