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Concussion, Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment in Vaughan at Med Wellness

Maintaining a healthy equilibrium is crucial for performing routine tasks. The ability to see, judge, and measure clearly while moving one’s head depends on a balanced system that takes input from the brain, the inner ears, the eyes, and the vestibular joints. Concussion, dizziness, and vertigo affect people of all ages increasingly.

These illnesses are increasingly prevalent in the elderly population. If left untreated, these conditions might develop and lead to a loss of confidence and independence. If you are looking for the best concussion, dizziness and vertigo treatment in Vaughan, we have the best rehabilitation solution at Med Wellness.

What are concussion, dizziness and vertigo?

Dizziness refers to a spectrum of feelings, including faintness, wooziness, weakness, and unsteadiness. Vertigo is a type of dizziness characterized by a sensation that either you or your environment is spinning or moving. The occurrence of dizziness is a common enough symptom in adults. If you suffer from frequent or chronic dizziness, it can have a major impact on your daily life. Vertigo treatment must target the underlying cause. A concussion occurs when the head collides in a direction but the brain, due to the rocket movement of the head, moves rapidly to the opposite direction of the head and hit the inner skull, causing a major blow to the brain. Bounces and twists of the brain within the skull can induce chemical changes in the brain.

Ask your general physician to recommend physical rehabilitation in conjunction with the primary treatment. At med wellness, you get your condition assessed by a professional physiotherapist. He will be able to offer you the best concussion, dizziness and vertigo treatment in Vaughan.

Vestibular rehabilitation at Med Wellness

If you experience any of the aforementioned issues, it is likely that vestibular physiotherapy could help. However, there is a long list of other possible causes of dizziness. If you suspect you may be suffering from a vestibular disorder or would benefit from concussion, dizziness and vertigo treatment in Vaughan, it is important to have a thorough evaluation.

Rehabilitation centers for the vestibular system, such as the med wellness, will consider your entire medical history, from the time you first experienced dizziness to the most recent episode and everything in between the period. Comprehensive neurological evaluations, brain evaluation via cranial nerve testing, exams of the cervical spine, and blood flow, evaluation of ocular motor skills, a test of equilibrium, mobility and walking tests, are some of the tests you must go through.

Your concussion, dizziness and vertigo treatment in Vaughan will be designed to help you overcome whatever difficulties were discovered during the evaluation.

How does this therapy work?

You can realign the function of your vestibular system after damage by engaging in vestibular rehabilitation exercises, which trigger central brain compensation. Each symptom and outcome is different. A professional assessment is essential for the betterment of concussion, dizziness and vertigo treatment in Vaughan. We recommend that our patients create a timetable that allows the workouts to be seamlessly incorporated into their daily lives. Patients typically experience a mild aggravation of symptoms during vestibular rehabilitation. Over time, your symptoms should lessen or, in many cases, disappear altogether.

Adaptation is the process by which the brain’s nerve impulses modify themselves in response to faulty vestibular system input. With habituation, your sensitivity to vestibular movement and stimulation can be reduced after repeated exposure. If you are having problems with balance, dizziness, or vertigo, concussion, dizziness and vertigo treatment in Vaughan may be able to help.